Wool is obtained from animals like sheep, goat, camels or rabbits.The wool obtained from the goat is called mohair or cashmere and the wool from the rabbit is called angora.

The amount of the wool obtained from the sheep depends on the breed For example the merino sheep has very fine wool while the wool obtained from karakul is very coarse. The wool has mostly creamy white color. But some of the breeds have black ,brown or silver wool.

Wool was prefered by bedouins and tuaregs for keeping their body warm and healty. Wool can hold up moisture to one third of its on weight.

Wool is the healtiest and logical way to keep yourself warm.

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Baby wool

is suitable for babies.You should buy baby wool if you are knitting for a baby. You can create beautiful and cuddly garments with baby wool.

baby wool. Baby wool is soft and mosty not allergenic for your baby.

Formerly we used to go to the wool shop in order to buy wool. Nowadays as knitting became more popular the wool shops are back. There are wool shops at most of the shopping malls. They usually sell wool, crochets, buttons, scisssors and other art and craft stuff. The wool shops are very important for knitting fans.

With the increase of the internet usage people started to order their needs online. So people have started to order their wool online. There are many web sites and different choices for people who love to knit.

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