Bag Model Two Skewer Beanie Pattern

Bag Model Two Skewer Beanie Pattern

Our most important items that protect us from the cold in the winter season are undoubtedly our scarves and berets. Different beret models become trendy every period. There are many beautiful and easy beret models and descriptions on our site.

As family, we are here with a beret model that you can knit and use quickly before the winter season ends. We think you will like the beret model that we have brought to you with the narration video on our Youtube channel.

While making the beret, we use a soft color transition rope and a number 4 skewer that we choose in accordance with the thickness of our rope. Do not forget to consider the texture and thickness of your yarn when choosing your skewer number.

You can find many more models and descriptions by browsing our site. For more content like this, you can support us by liking the video and subscribing to our channel.

You can reach us in the comments section for anything you have in mind and wonder. Good luck to everyone who will do it in advance.

Bag Model Two Skewers Beanie Pattern Explanation Video ;


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