Knitted Baby Pacifier Chain Pattern

Knitted Baby Pacifier Chain Pattern

Mankind has always discovered new things since its existence. In line with the possibilities at hand and using his mind, he has always progressed towards self-improvement. One of the inventions made by humans is definitely needle and thread.

There is no limit to what we can create with our balls of yarn. We can create almost all the items we will use or wear by knitting with our threads. Today we will make a knitted pacifier chain for siler.

As family, you may not have seen the knitted pacifier chain we have described before. You can do it for your own use or for a friend who has a new baby. We think you will like it very much after you knit and finish it.

The texture of the rope you use when making the baby pacifier is of no importance. But we can recommend you to use cotton rope to prevent stretching.

In the narration video, all the tricks needed to make the knitted baby pacifier chain are shared. You can contact us in the comments section on all the issues you have in mind.

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Knitting Baby Pacifier Chain Pattern Explanation Video ;


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