Crochet Practical Salopet Pattern

Crochet Practical Salopet Pattern

We shared a very stylish baby salopet dress model for girls. It was a useful and flashy dress model.

We hope that our mothers will knit this dress making with love. When made in different colors, it will be a very nice dress model for weddings and holidays. You can choose the rope preference for summer or winter use.

We used a cotton rope of medium thickness and a 3 mm crochet. You may need to change your crochet number according to the thickness of the rope you use.

Even if you knit in the sizes mentioned in our video, you need to consider that there may be size differences due to your hand setting, crochet or rope differences.

Salopet dress model is suitable for 1 year old. You can apply it bigger or smaller. Our model, which is very easy to make, can be easily done by our ladies who are just learning.

Especially for those who love crochet and girl child, we think it is the knitted dress model that our friends with grandchildren are looking for.

Crochet Practical Salopet Pattern Expression Video ;


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