Very Easy Motif Vest Pattern

Very Easy Motif Vest Pattern

Until today, we have brought you beautiful motif models, dowry knitting, baby and children’s clothes and fiber models from our site and youtube channel. Sometimes crochet models and sometimes we knitted many models using two skewers.

As family, we present the vest model expression that we made with very easy motifs to your liking. You can combine this vest in the colors you want, you can put it in your dowry or you can knit and use it.

While making our vest with practical motifs, we used two different colors of cotton baby ropes and 4.00mm crochet. We can knit small motifs everywhere in a short time and then combine them and we can have this vest in a short time.

You may need to use a different number of crochet due to the difference in thickness and texture of the rope you use. Remember to use a crochet suitable for the yarn you use.


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