Practical Motif Bolero Vest Pattern

Practical Motif Bolero Vest Pattern

The descriptions of knitted baby dress models are among the most interesting descriptions of most of us. There are beautiful dress model descriptions on our site. And every new day we continue to share with you new and more beautiful dress models than the previous one.

We have prepared a very beautiful vest description with the motifs of the robed dress model, which we have previously shared with you in the narration video. You can knit and use this vest, which we have prepared as a set for our dress, or you can put it in dowries.

While making the motif vest model, we used medium-thick cotton threads and 4.00mm and 3.5mm crochets. You can change your crochet number according to the thickness and texture of the rope you use and the setting of your hand.

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You can reach us in the comments section for anything you have in mind and wonder. Good luck to everyone who will do it in advance.

Practical Motif Bolero Vest Pattern Expression Video ;


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