Wood Painting Small turquoise box

Wood Painting Small turquoise box


Dear audience when I did the painting job that is in my mind, thank goodness ..
Here I can buy supplies on wood painting until there was no place for a while .. I discovered last month thanks to a new stationery was pretty new My ..
This little box I got there and acrylic paint this color ..
I had on my mind, but I thought it would suit any project manic old candle that color.
I found the picture on the internet I used to decoupage.

Briefly, let me tell you how I did it ..
I painted the first coat of the brown box.
Then I candles are where I want to wear.
Then the main color painted twice, then dry it thoroughly with a fine sandpaper old. I do decoupage.
I varnished with lacquer or last. Of course, the flock of my beautiful turquoise blue lacquer or turned a little green: D Luckily I did not fall, use the opposite end color pictures ..


  1. yasemin aksoy says:

    harika!! ben de bayağıdır netten araştırıp youtube dan izledim..bi kaç malzeme de aldım..ama esaret edemedim…bide malzemeler sanki pahalı..nette hazırları bazen daha bile ucuz oluyo?!!
    bana tavsiyeniz varmı? ben de eskitme seviyorum ve peçete dekopajı…


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