Why do babies cry?

Why do babies cry?

Your baby cries a lot. A baby’s cry is the baby’s way to communicate. The babies try to express their hunger,pain,fear and their need for sleep by crying.


The reasons for a baby to cry can be hunger ,     which makes the baby smacking of lips,turning and pushing his/her hands into the mouth. A dirty diaper or the increasing need for sleep can make a baby cry. It is not easy fort he baby to sleep as we think.


The baby wants to show the need to be cuddled because he/she wants to be close to the parents. Tummy troubles are also another reason for crying.


Gas or colic(crying for after being fed) A colic baby cries many hours a day.The baby also cries when he/she has to burp,because of swallowing air while eating. The baby is disturbed by cold or warmth. The baby can be disturbed by noise,light or by the people. If the baby feels not well,she cries. Check the temperature as soon as possible.

And here are some advices for you to soothe the baby .


Playing a constant sound will help. Because your baby hears many sounds in the womb ,a constant sound can be soothing for him/her.

Hold the baby and walk around ,sit in a rocking chair or try a baby swing to calm the baby down.  Give a back or a tummy massage. Change your baby’s position while feeding. Let him/her suck on something. Bathe him /her with warm water.




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