What is The Cleaning?

What is The Cleaning?

Bacteria, germs, dirt, keep away from all kinds of harmful things like rust contaminated home health care, using our auxiliary materials such as furniture and objects detergent and cleaning cloth to cleanse the dirt is called. Meaning as the word used in many cleaning. Speaking of hygiene in cleaning the house or goods used word sometimes used in understanding personal and spiritual cleansing.

Cleaning before we have to start with our personal hygiene. Regularly take a shower, brush our teeth and personal hygiene like we can come to disturb the people around us, we hinder our state. Then we should care about the cleanliness of the places where we live and we must be careful. We have to keep kitchen and toilet cleaning or the use of substances that are important for our health, such as cleaning our clothes clean. We just have to care about our own home and the places we go or not cleaning our own things and be clean in the places we traveled. Especially in crowded environment can infect many diseases. To avoid this, we should pay attention to the cleanliness of public toilets and restaurants we eat and where we should not make hygienic find.


We use many things that negatively affect our health and our homes contain bacteria. Among these carpets come essential in every home. When using a chemical detergents, carpet cleaning or we’ll remove the carpet and wash. But this baby is not very healthy for the home te. Babies and infancy or later in the hands and body are constantly playing games by contacting your carpet and your places and sightseeing.

Instead of a chemical cleaners can clean your carpet with carbonate. Sprinkle it on your carpet carbonate and then waited 10 minutes to sweep them with a vacuum cleaner. It cleans all the microbes on the carpet because carbonate is antibacterial and can not cause any harm to health. You can also use vinegar carbonate and wiping the floor. And the most important cleaning agent for the health of your loved ones as well as your own health carbonate and vinegar.



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