What is Tapestry?

What is Tapestry?

Tapestry noble art dating from the 17th century to the present palace. Traditional handicrafts etamin and said to have similar characteristics, if not exactly like needlepoint. Tapestry, an art committed in more detail on canvas.

View more are preferred in the tapestry figures in the tapestry of flowers, portraits, animals and flowers are preferred figures. Tapestry can be obtained or pulley, smoother and easier to use pulleys to be processed is the best choice.

Come to our house from the 19th century French court finds until I finish this noble art is supposed to keep quite pleasant. as tapestry noble spoiled at the same time. Always wash hands with soap when starting, storing should be very careful, be careful not to smudge until you finish…

One way of tapestry art processing techniques can be applied to said home decoration trends currently in the crown of the head. Each area is recognized today tapestry of the history of art of the breeze has been one of the most admired and preferred decor objects. The future of the art of tapestry because of the increased importance given to decorate the house appears bright. However, the process requires time and patience, among other things, prevent the tapestry of material to be expensive to be accessible continues to strengthen its position among the home decor trends, although the tapestry. In more sofa and chair upholstery, tapestry carpet used in the “art of the king,” deserves to be called until the end. Attention this magnificent art and adds nobility and beauty in every field of application that requires patience.



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