What is hygiene?

What is hygiene?

We do to protect the environment that may be harmful to our health, hygiene practices and housekeeping measures are. As human beings we are responsible for their own personal hygiene.

From the childhood toilet cleaning, oral care and personal hygiene have many more during our school as well as parents need about our teachers are trained. Our personal hygiene and cleanliness of the environment we live in is very important for our health.

Cleaning is not just the apparent pollution. Our home at regular intervals must also be detailed cleaning rituals. Especially the cleanliness of the kitchen prepared the food we eat is very important. There is also a cleaning toilets of course we need to care about accuracy.

Toilet when we do the cleaning to avoid contact with our gloves and we use materials like is very important. Toilets used by guests when we entertain guests for many diseases can be transmitted from toilet should cleanse our hands without making contact with the disinfectant effect of detergents.

Do not use public toilets at the time you are in or out during the journey, you must use your hands carefully and hygienic toilet from sliding around more than necessary. Moreover, the use squat toilet closet rather than use will be more hygienic. If the toilet paper in the toilet bowl seats and if you need to use the lavatory or you can lay napkins.


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