What is good for flatulence?

What is good for flatulence?

A healthy person should remove 17 times the average daily gas. If the gas extraction is low or if the event does not constitute any problem. Because gas usually accumulates in the abdominal cavity and intestines. The gas accumulated in the intestines and can not go out pain, swelling in the abdomen, causing the sensation of strangulation. This is called the gas pains.

So what is good for flatulence?

The elimination of ginger tea and brew flatulence and helps remove gas.

Oxidant benefits are in store because of gas pains chamomile.

Chew the fennel seeds are nutrients that help to relieve gas pains consume their warm yogurt.

What is good for flatulence? It would be wrong to talk about food only when called.

Below we have listed for you is also useful suggestions for the passage of flatus. However, when exceeding ongoing and flatulence encountered the situation, we recommend you to go absolutely as soon as a doctor. Treatment with plants but can be used in addition to treatment after a doctor visit.

Hot water bag that you put under your feet,

You will massage your belly warm olive oil,


You simply drink soda,

Slow eating food by mouth to avoid swallowing air,

Carbonated beverages, foods and stay away from stress are the gas that te measures to reduce gas pains.


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