Most of the women dream about their wedding since their childhood, so the wedding dress is the most important issue for the women.

There are different views about wedding dresses. The options are popular wedding dresses, discount wedding dresses and many others.

Some of the brides look forward to wear popular wedding dresses, while some of the brides are satisfied with discount wedding dresses.

There are some designers who are known for their creations . They fully deserve their reputation. They create wedding dresses not only for the celebrities, but also for the rich people , who can afford such dressses.

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As mentioned before there are also brides which are more about concerned the wedding budget. So they prefer discount wedding dresses.

Sometimes the bridal stores make big discounts on some wedding dresses. The prices at the wedding dress stores are effected by place, season or stocks.

It is very surprising to discover that a wedding dress at a wedding dress store on a popular location is more expensive than at a wedding dress store on a less popular location.

The prices also change up to the season. It is mostly common to marry in summer than in winter. The wedding dress prices also are also cheaper in winter when compared to summer.

Another issue is the availability of the wedding dress . If the wedding dress store goes low on stocks or if the wedding dress is from the former season ,they make a discount on some dress models.

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