Wear different hair bands with your clothes

Wear different  hair bands with  your clothes

In order to have a colorful and trendy look you can wear different hair bands with your clothes. Hair bands are small accesories but they make a big difference. They can make you look sportive,fun or they can change your lookfrommonotonioustotrendy.

Colorful hairbands are very trendy this summer. They aretrendy not only for your kid but also for you. If you usually choose dark colors or same colors when you dress ,you can always use hair bands with different colors.

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How to make hair bands

1 First choose a ribbon then measure your head. Buy an elastic band and sew them together Your new hair band is ready

2 make a colorful hair band out of your t-shirts. Cut the fabrics of your t-shirts into fabrics and make 6 pieces out of them. Tie them together and weave them. When the strips are weaved, tie them at the end and sew an elastic band to the knotted ends. And wear your new head band.

3 You can also use a scarf to create a hair band. First fold the scarf in the half and then again now you can wrap the scarf round your neck and tie your scarf. You can do the same thing with a bandana.

4 You can also knit your own hair band. Just use an elastic band to put two ends together or you can also use a buton to bring two ends together.

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