Weaken the magic of Hollywood Diet

Weaken the magic of Hollywood Diet

The world’s richest, the fee in Austria is going to lose weight for Hollywood celebrities viva mayr clinic in the slimming program 7 thousand dollars.

We have the away if it actually made the system very clinics not only weakening, energetic body, problems in the beautiful skin and digestive system as weeks dealing diets you should eat them, giving as much or certain foods he does not stop you. More eating to be a little more careful diet according to to list the differences between the different conditions, trying to weight loss without forcing those who want to lose weight on this diet.

Fit a good idea to try to have a look. Among the secrets the diet just is digested meal, eaten in the first hours of the day, but because the last hours towards renewed food digestion difficult 12pm on the right foods that should be consumed a large portion of the evening did not unlike fruits and vegetables they know who said it should be consumed during the day. Renewed dinner 18:00 should be consumed before, so he could stomach digest food before going to bed.

Since early abdominal a bite to chew 30-40 times give a feeling of fullness to the brain. More food we swallow without chewing is difficult to digest and down into the stomach and large parts and also allows us to feel hungry even though we eat ourselves. Whole grain products are preferred, it said that it was necessary to stay away from saturated fat.

Breakfast should drink a glass of warm water before and certainly should not drink water between meals. Tea and coffee should not be consumed prohibited. Products should be consumed as cheese and meat. The body should be eaten legumes for protein and at least one fish every other day should be consumed. You can also lose weight, taking care to comply with this order.


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