Water stone vest pattern without jacket with pistachio

Water stone vest pattern without jacket with pistachio

We present the pistachio water stone vest pattern, which is a great visual for our friends who are looking for a pistachio water stone vest pattern, an easy-to-crochet vest pattern, a patterned vest pattern, to the liking of our valued followers.
Crochet knit vest patterns are among the easy vest patterns dec You can apply the vest pattern, which is suitable for patterning and daily use, and the elegance is quite beautiful.

On our page there are the most beautiful patterns of vest patterns. You can find vest patterns with video description on knitting women’s vest patterns of our page. You can reach the patterns by clicking on the link in our article.

Pistachio water stone vest pattern pattern
Size 38 is suitable for sizes.
Dimensions: 64 centimeters from the shoulder to the hem
The width is knitted as 43 centimeters.
Front chain number 90
161 Chains are pulled for the back.
The use of Angora downy rope has gone to 2.5 ball rope.
You can choose the crochet that suits your hand.

First, we make the front part of 90 chains, we apply a handrail to each chain and go to the end of the row, we apply three rows of handrails in total. Let’s pull five chains and go back, between them we apply the pattern of the water stone without pulling the chain.

Decoupage We make a total of eight edge handrails to the last part. We apply two rows of water stone dec and start making the peanut pattern by pulling four chains between them. The sample application continues in this way. You can apply it by watching the video narration for arm separations and detailed construction. Good luck..
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You can apply the pistachio water stone vest pattern by watching the pattern video here.


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