How to wash a newborn baby?

How to wash a newborn baby?

Look into the eyes of parents of infants, the first and most difficult it is the first experience for families with newborn bath. So how washed the newborn baby?

So too nervous and are careful not want to hurt any baby parents. After the baby’s umbilical cord falls must be built the first bath.
Each first reminder to sanitary articles and materials required are as follows.

-A baby bath,

Hot water in a bucket,

-Clean a sponge


Every parent of a newborn baby in mind how washed? There are a few considerations in question actually very easy event to be considered in this process. How to wash a newborn baby? The answer to the question is very simple actually. The temperature of the room to wash the baby, should not the average should be 23 degrees and current events. The water temperature should not exceed 35 degrees.


Wash the person should lay the baby face down in the left arm and the washing process should be initiated. First of all, you can wash feet, leaving the last part starting from the back of the head with smooth movement reacted to the water.


Care of newborns is very difficult for mothers. If you can also get help from the grandmother or elderly women in his care if you have a newborn baby. You can get different information from every page we publish on our website.


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