Vintage wedding dress patterns

Vintage wedding dress patterns

Vintage wedding dress patterns

Vintage wedding dresses are always present in the great vogue because gorgeous and sophisticated antiquities will decorate each bride. One interesting thing in terms of fashion is that it tends to get back at certain moments, and it offers women the same clothes, which were once regarded as trendy.

Wedding fashion is no exception.

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Vintage vogue wedding dress patterns are getting really popular. So what is interesting about vintage garments? A vintage piece is any clothing that is over 2 decades old. Also, vintage outfit is easily recognizable thanks to its specific style associated with a certain epoch. For example, the 20-s of the previous century are featured with geometric-cut dresses wearing belts around hips to hide feminine shapes.
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Vogue vintage wedding dress patterns of the 50-s are associated with wedding gowns consisting of bell skirts and close-fit tops. When a woman puts on one of vintage dresses she acquires a great advantage of crossing the centuries and combining the past with the present. It happens only if you are sure that your vintage clothes are authentic and original.

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Normally, in terms of vintage wedding dresses, patterns (all to one) represent a variety of a heavy decoration and complicated shapes, and we have one more chance to see how they look in reality thanks to a spring collection of vintage wedding bride’s wardrobe by Justin Alexander.

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Justin Alexander’s spring wedding fashion

Exquisite nobility of royal chic, aristocratic elegance and a sense of measure unite a spring brand version with the best vintage lace wedding dress patterns. The main attention of the British designer house is concentrated on an overall shape and a sculptural coherence of all famous silhouettes.

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Alexander’s apparel includes A-line dresses, straight-and-narrow and low waistline patterns, cult mermaid silhouettes with neat trails, and what not. All models are linked with some extent of conservativeness corresponding with the image of an “ideal lady”. Classical low-necked vintage wedding dress sewing patterns are made with a décolleté-hiding thin muslin tippet or converted into reserved V-line cuts. This collection offers a wide choice of straps – from thin crossing on the back to broad ones transforming into “wings”, which a bride can detach any time she wants it.

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Embroidery beads, crystals, pearls, Swarovski crystals form sparkling streams that “run” down each vintage wedding dress pattern or almost entirely cover wedding dress. All zippers on the back are covered by polka dot buttons on the stem. Justin Alexander inspired wedding dresses don’t totally reject veils, but they suggest to decorate a bride’s head with a perfect hairstyle of old Hollywood movie stars because when it comes to wedding dress patterns, vintage needs to be expressed by each little detail.

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