Video Mirror with plastic spoon

Video Mirror with plastic spoon

Video Mirror with plastic spoon

Video Mirror with plastic spoon

Videos of Plastic Spoon Making Mirrors Anlatımlı

Hello friends we made ​​along with my wife and enjoy this beautiful project. In fact, I would say are the son even helped us.

This project is literally telling you to convert video received from 21:30 pm until 2:15 at night time.But someone else we’re trying so hard, we tried to explain to the smallest detail by detail, and voice narration. We have very often I would help. Single mirror it’s nice but 3-mirror looks much more stylish, and I can not help mentioning also that if you do you that if you try to buy a product in mind they give the price of the 150TL small size 1 on the sendeyapsat site So 3 we calculate 150 Team 450TL Large involved comes at a price 140TL going cost you eat. Make a decision and I think you’ll have fun as a family.

Here I would like to announce the following workshop will train the next dear mother Lemon Our project in pots (large enough to tell you how we think leaves the nucleus.


  • 400 pieces Plastic Spoon (spoon was used for small mirrors 170 pieces, 185 pieces spoon was used for the Great Mirror) (available from the place of plastic materials Satan)
  • 2 small round 40cm chipboard (available from Carpenter)
  • 1 large round 65cm chipboard
  • 2 small mirror round 20cm (can be obtained from the glazier)
  • 1 large mirror round 35cm
  • 3 Piece Oversized 300gr (400cc) Spray Paint Yellow (hardware store are from You Can Supply)
  • 1 package hot Silicone (40 pieces)
  • 1 Piece Hot Silicone Gun
  • 10 Meters White Pearl
  • 3 pieces anchors and screws for mounting


1. Large size large mirror to find the middle of the chipboard, hold the center of the big board and the round the outside to the inside so that it is 15cm from every angle take some measurements and a small mirror to find the middle of işaretleyelim.küçük size hardboard with this from the pen, hold the center of the small board and externally Take some measurements to be imported correctly 10cm round from every angle and distance with a marker pen.

2. Disconnect the body of the handle of a spoon. We’ll paste the interior of the spoon.

3- We paste 3 tablespoons for small mirrors well, let’s start right pasting from outside to inside. The distance between the spoon nor too narrow, carefully Let’s just put in the middle distance will be too broad.

4- We paste 4 tablespoons order for large mirror, let’s start right pasting from outside to inside. We draw some exceedingly round the center of the particle board.

5. Let’s go to the painting process after bonding of all mirror finished spoon … When you go to the bottom paint Paint newspaper said the balcony hard, I paint with spray paint. Gereke thing to consider when painting paint evenly in all directions. 2. Depending on the type of paint spray paint can of paint to dry for 2 hours with an interval of 5-6 hours wait isterseniz.t mirrors.

During 6- mirror to hang in the top of the chipboard 1 tablespoon sokelee My delel with the correct drill hole half a finger to help them. Let a sturdy rope from the drill hole. Mirror work is deemed ready for hanging.

7. Mirrors center by equally hot silicon-term yapıştıralım.ayn plenty of hot silicon squeezing the edges of the episode is solid.

8 row pearl Mirror’s just put around 2 am, the edge of the mirror and you look so hot silicone pearls are sticking, both decorative and stylish looks.

8. Mirror 2 tablespoons sokelee my finger inward half during the top of the chipboard with the help of drill holes to hang delel. Let a sturdy rope from the drill hole. Mirror work is deemed ready for hanging.

9. Mirror can hang horizontally with an interval of 30 cm wall hanging.

10. Mirror necessarily get the assembling of the solid wall anchors.

How costs were

  • 3 pieces of chipboard 25TL
  • 3 Piece Mirror 25TL
  • 4 Pack Plastic Spoon (400 * 3,5TL) 14TL
  • Oversized 3 pieces (3 pcs * 5TL) 15TL
  • 1 package hot Silicone (40 pieces) 35TL
  • 10 Meters Pearl 10TL

Total: 139TL

How much time has gone

  • An average of 4 hours to find materials
  • 2 hours to paste spoons
  • 30 minutes to seal the mirror
  • 2 hours to paint spoons
  • Pearl paste, assembly etc. 1 hour for jobs

Total: 9 hours 30 minutes



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