Varicosis during pregnancy

Varicosis during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important stage of a woman’s life. General health during pregnancy is very important. Health care while pregnant includes doctor visits,nutrition,exercising,screening of the baby, check up for any illnesses or genetic diseases. The tests for anemia,cholestrol,diabetes and thyroid have to be completed . Get vaccinated against flu and tetanus.Nowadays woman have the opportunity to choose their doctor and the delivery method. Nutrition is very essential for the baby’s health. Good nutrition and a healhty balanced diet made of fruits,vegetables,meat,fish,milk products and grain products means a healthy baby. İnevitable is the vitamin folic acid. Folic acid protects against birth defects.

To avoid the risk of hypertension,diabetes and varicose veins moderate exercise is essential. Quit smoking,alcohol and other harmful habits.

Varicose veins are blue or purle swollen veins ,which are visible on your legs during pregnancy. They make your legs ache and feel heavy. As much as your baby grows during pregnancy ,the pressure on the large vein(vena cava) grows. It effects the pressure on your legs and you bacome varicose veins. You might have the varicose veins in the rectal area or in your vulva, too. Here are some solutions against varicose veins :

1 Exercising will help a lot.
2 Do not gain weight
3 Lift your legs while sitting or lying down.
4 Avoid crossing your legs or ankles
5 Do not stand or sit for a long time
6 Prefer to sleep on your left side
7 You can also wear special pantyhoses for support




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