V Neck Dress

V Neck Dress

I love all of the dresses. It doesn’t matter what material you will use. Knitted, quilted, cotton and fabric. I just love all of the dresses. I buy most of them. I buy less but I should buy more! And writing this tutorial made me remember how simple they are to sew.

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This V Neck Dress Pattern increases the chest and can be made for different opportunity (daily, formal or cocktail) depending on the materials that you use.  Basic changes such as changing fullness and length of the skirt or adding long sleeves will make many different views.

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V Neck dresses are flattering to any figure and timeless. This is the most easier DIY project ever! It is very simple and funny DIY V Neck Dress project!

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Materials for V Neck Dress;

Scissors, a rectangular piece of fabric and measuring tape.

1st Step: Fold the fabric in half from the right to left

2nd Step: With the measurement tape

3rd Step: Open up the fabric and there should two opening for your arms to go through.

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Here ıt is! It was over! It is so easier right? This is very sophisticate piece with many varied styling options. It is also work great. If you want, you can do this for your best friend or your sister. I hope they like this dress. I you can do this dress you can gift your best friend and your sweet sister.

Hope you will like it in the end! Good Luck!

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