Two Skewers Processing Women Booties Pattern Free

Two Skewers Processing Women Booties Pattern Free

Two spit embroidered booties is a very stylish booties model. If you like embroidered booties, we think that you are a model that will look good on your feet.

The dowries are quite examples of booties. Many models of booties models continue to decorate the dowry. Crochet, Tunisian work and skewer models are of different ethnicities. The most beautiful and heavy models are included in the dowry. You can browse our page for the most beautiful booties models. You can click the link in our article. Wishing you to be together again in new examples of different booties.

Two skewers embroidered booties
Harosha and embroidered booties model

37, 38 Suitable for feet.

Seamless booties pattern.

Booties string 1 ball of yarn was used.

Processing rope fiber rope was used.

You can use skewers according to your hand and rope.


It starts from the nose first. 13 Let’s start by knotting knitting technique. The model continues with augmentation process. Two rows of loops on the front of our braid are increasing. Let’s keep increasing until there are 19 holes in total.

Then we make the distinction of noose. You can easily watch the video narration for the detailed construction of the model. I’m forwarding our wishes to our friends who will make it easy.

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You can apply two skewers embroidered booties by watching the video narration here.


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