Two Skewers Baby Booties Pattern

Two Skewers Baby Booties Pattern

Even though the cold days have passed and summer has come, as knitters, we knit for the winter season and put it aside. Sometimes we take our crochets in our hands for our grandchildren or our newborn child. So for those who love to knit, knitting has no season.

Today, we share with you a very beautiful baby booties model with the description of Single Booties Baby Knitting Youtube Channel. Thanks to the narration video, we think you will like this booties model, which we think you will have no difficulty in making.

We use a skewer with a fishing line to make the booties seamless. You can easily find rope, skewers and crochet in all haberdashery stores.

Don’t forget to reach out in the comments on everything you have in mind and wonder while making Knitted Baby Booties.

We send our thanks to Tek Patik Baby Knitting Youtube Channel for this model and its description. For the continuation of such narration and content, you can support by liking the video and subscribing to the channel. Good luck to everyone who will do it in advance.

Two Skewers Baby Booties Pattern Expression Video ;


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