Tunisian 3D Honeycomb pattern

Tunisian 3D Honeycomb pattern

Tunisian 3D honeycomb model construction we offer you a great model that you can do fondly in many knitting models to the delight of our valued followers.

You can apply our Tunisian business model in a baby braid. It’s the great model we thought would look stylish for the blanket model. You can make jumpers for male babies. For braids such as waistcoats, sweaters, cardigans, beanie, scarves, the three-dimensional form will display different visuals.

You can use our page for different crochet models and skewers. We have many models that our ladies will like. Hope to be together again in the new video narratives goodbye.

Tunisian 3D Honeycomb pattern

Tunisian 3D honeycomb model construction
4.5 mm Tunisian crochet was selected.

You can choose crochet according to the fact that the rope is thick and thin in your hand.

The number of chains you can set according to the model you are going to make because it is a model expression. We pull a chain and pull a noose out of the chain one by one. Then we take the nooses back. We’re doing a Tunisian technique.

From the bottom part of our model, we take the rope between the two loops and apply it. It’s a repetitive pattern. You can apply it by watching our video for detailed narration. We wish our friends who will make it easy in advance.

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Tunisian 3D honeycomb model Construction video narration


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