Tufted Twill Hood Hat Pattern Free Tutorial

Tufted Twill Hood Hat Pattern Free Tutorial

Hello friends You can find many beams by visiting Canımanne.com page. And by clicking on the links in our article, you can reach the beanie models.

In our video today, we tried to explain the production of two skewers and tasseled hoodies. The indispensable make of the winter seasons are among the handmade knitting works. Our mothers love to make beautiful models. I think you’ll love our beautiful, stylish model. And it will be a favorite in winter.

If you like to use the model adapted for the older age group with a sample children. You can use our tufted twisted beanie model for yourself, your partner or your children.

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Beaded hooded hood
Details of tassel twisted hooded beanie making
I made it to the adult size.

I have a moderately thick rope and a rope that matches my rope. You can choose your skewer number according to the number shown on your string.

The beanie I started by throwing 100 loops is ideal for young people and adults.

If you want to be made for children, the chain around the head circumference can be measured how many stitches will be done.

I explained how we will calculate the video in detail in terms of how we will put the findings. You can adjust the model according to your own size by following.

We have prepared two colors for the Beret model, but the number of colors can be increased or you can use two colors but the second color.

The visual editing of colors is entirely yours. You can color in a way that suits your taste.

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Tasseled Twisted Hooded Beanie Construction VIDEO


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