Trivet made of Stone

Trivet made of Stone

If you live in seaside town like me, you will like the words that I will mention you!


I wake up very early and start walking on seaside with my dog. We run together, we play together and then we have a rest together. So, in total, we will be started a good day!


To wake up early makes us feel younger and live a longer day. So, during the day, we will have more time for new activities or hobbies, when we wake up early! I do like that and it is really very good an relaxing therapy for me!


I hope you have your own hobbies. My one of the biggest hobbies is home decoration. As I have mentioned before, I have a house in seaside town. And I always decorate my house as per my taste and seaside town style. During my walks, I often collect small or bigger stones and special shells. And then, I use these materials at home decoration. I always like do it yourself projects and I improve myself on this point.


Now, I will use the stones that I collected during my walks for a different idea. I hope you will like it therefore I am sharing it here with you! Today, I will inform you about trivet made of stone. We all use the trivet at home every day for tea kettle and pots. So many various kinds of trivets are available at stores. But today, I wanted to create my own styled trivet made of stone. Before we do our own trivet, we need some smooth basic stones, a thick felt or cardboard, silicone gun or a kind of glue. All we need is these only!


Now, I would like to talk about how to produce the trivet made of stone. First of all, we should wash the stones that we will use. And please choose the same sized ones. And then, the material that we will use for ground part (felt or cardboard) by giving the shape that you like. Then, we are sticking the stones to underside of basement. That’s it! Your trivet is ready to use!

I hope you will like this easy and entertaining description as I do!



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