Tricks to Make Salad

Tricks to Make Salad

Salads unique table is indispensable. Some people come for the simple fact that there are many subtle details and tricks to make the salad.

So, what are the tricks to make salads?

First, we should make sure the salad ingredients do we prepare our vegetables fresh and natural because we have to wait 1 hour in advance with vinegar water. So as to be peeled off more easily, and will become free from germs.

We waited vinegar water, from microbes in the soil purification vegetables we should begin our container drying vegetables thoroughly under running water to the peeling process. All of the vegetables to the stripping woodwork as our involvement is to help the individual, rather than cut our salad mix more easily.

Tricks of course not limited to salads. Preliminary phases we spend cleaning and dressing materials, we will prepare for our lineage materials should be mixed well by taking into a large bowl. Optionally in this sauce of lemon juice, olive oil, pomegranate molasses and vinegar can be found. Finally, we have made the sauce and olives on it, of course, mix salt, giving the final shape of decorate with materials such as millet.

Our salad is also important to decorate them to make a nice presentation of all the dishes we made a art. Because the image is also important as the taste of food. Also, if you pay attention also to the layout of your table you can get more appreciation.


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