The Ways to Silence a Crying Baby

The Ways to Silence a Crying Baby

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When you have a baby, you should be ready for surprises coming with baby! While you are sleeping, suddenly baby can cry and you hurry up and catch the baby! If you are lucky, you can silence it but it can take too much time!


Therefore, I want to tell you some tips to silence a crying baby as below. When your baby is crying and if you want to silence it, please read below carefully:


  • Calm down! Don’t be panic! Don’t forget, if you are calm it will affect your baby. If you are panic, it will be panic, too.
  • Check the diaper and if needs, change it.
  • Check the fever of baby. If you notice something abnormal, bring your baby to hospital.
  • Try to apply breastfeeding if mother is available.
  • Check the gaseous of baby. It can do harm baby and make it uncomfortable. Help it to take the gas out.


  • Sleep with your baby. Sometimes it needs your care!
  • You can hug and take into your arms and dance with your baby.
  • You can sing a silent and relaxing song to your baby
  • You can shake your baby in your hands and before sleeping again, change its way of lying to another position.


  • Take of its clothes and check its body. If you see abnormal things, call the doctor.
  • Do massage with baby oil
  • If you cannot silence your baby, as last chance, you can start the engine and drive with your baby! This will finally and absolutely work!



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