The Secret of beautiful colorful eyes

The Secret of beautiful colorful eyes

Eye make up is the secret of colorful eyes. If you want to be discovered by people,you have to put on the right eye make up. First you have apply a basis to your eyes ,than apply your eye liner.Put your false lashes on and do not forget to apply a volumising mascara on your eyelashes.

Correct eye make up depends on the color of your eyes. If you have brown eyes you should use eye shadows with natural colors,colors like brown ,gold or light green.If you have blue eyes you should prefer gray or smoky colors.If your eyes are green it is better to use green,gold or tones of copper.Do not forget to use concealers to hide the bruises or lines under your eyes,which makes your make up more perfect.

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Here are some  important key points on what to be careful about your eye make up. Always use concealers before putting on eye make up. Women with dry skin can use stick concealers or liquid concealers. While women with oily skin should use stick concealers which prevents the shine on their skin and make their skin look perfect.Choose the right eye shadow. The color of your eye shadow should match with your eye color. Your make up should also match the shape of your eyes. There are also tricks to make you seem that you have bigger eyes. Or if your eyes are to big you can also maket hem seem smaller.

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