the First Year of a baby

the First Year of a baby



Hi Dear Followers!

Now, it’s time to talk about the babies! I would like to give you some tips about the first year of a baby!

I know, the fledgling mothers wonder about the first year of babies. I mean feeding, health and care subjects that new mothers would like to be informed about. Therefore, I wanted to explain these in this article.


As you know, babies are very sensitive and needs our care. And the first year of babies are more important than other years in future.

First 6 months, you should not stop breastfeeding and you should only give them breastfeeding. After 6 months, you can give them fresh fruits, additional food and other kind of meals that you are recommended by specialists.


When you start to give them additional food, you should smile and be more eager to make them eat. Otherwise, it can cause other problems. Also, you need to use spoon.

During the night while sleeping, the baby must be at the same room with you and the baby bed should not be very soft. The temperature of room should be fixed between 22 and 24 centigrade degree. Also, for the blankets and sheets you should prefer fully cotton or woolen ones.


Also, the babies can have shower but you need to be careful while you get their bodies dry especially stomach side.

If you follow above recommendations by specialists, you will not have any problem in the first year of your babies!

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