The easiest booties Pattern making

The easiest booties Pattern making

We offer you the easiest bootie pattern making pattern and a great bootie pattern for everyday use. If you are looking for skewer booties patterns, you can find the most beautiful booties examples on our page.

Knitting crafts are most often involved in the winter season. While booties patterns are the first among the dec crafts, we continue to offer you the latest and different booties patterns.

Our booties continue to provide you with convenience with a video description on our page. You can find examples of booties that you can easily make by following them.

The easiest booties pattern making
I used two different types of rope for booties, gray rope and Alize extra silvery rope for olivine crystal brand

We knit it with skewers No. 3,5.

We throw 62 loops on our booties and knit them as 4 rows of harosha both in front and behind.

The booties will be knitted with 30 loops on the right and left side of the pattern, and the two loops that are fixed in the middle will be knitted flat on the front side and inverted on the back side.

I took the pattern Description by tying it to my gray rope at the beginning of the row with my silvery rope, knitting 3 straight loops and not knitting one gray loop. Knit it this way until the middle center loops

As for the two fixed loops in the middle, I made the increments by winding them to the right and left. This is exactly how it is knitted in the back row. But let’s not forget to knit our two loops that are fixed in the middle in the opposite direction. The windings will also be knitted straight.

Back to the front side of the pattern, let’s do the same operations again. In the back and in the last row, let’s knit the gray loops that we took as empty ones in the opposite direction. The pattern is applied in 4 rows in this way. I knitted the other gray threads in the same way and repeated it 5 times, respectively. When the pattern part is finished, we will have a total of 98 loops,

Let’s knit these 98 loops in 5 more rows of harosha. Then we set 44 loops on the right and left for both sides of the booties, 10 loops in the nose part and proceed to the bottom part of the booties.

We continue knitting the harosha again for its base. we knit 9 loops of 10 loops and knit 10. we take one loop from the sides and cut it out during each round trip with the first loop coming from the right and left with the loop. In this way, we finish the sole part and in the same way we finish our booties by cutting the same 10 loops right and left for the heel part. Good luck

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