The Easiest Boot – Bootie Pattern That Can Be Worn at Home

The Easiest Boot – Bootie Pattern That Can Be Worn at Home

Greetings to all of you, dear friends, love ? We’re going to do a warm houseboat together today. The home boot, which we will knit very easily and practically, will be indispensable especially for small lambs. Is it fixed by experience ?? But it is a pattern that you can knit from seven to seventy girls and boys.

Our materials are as follows ;
Ready-made felt or eva sole, suitable for the desired size.
Velvet rope
Brat rope
Crochet in accordance with our ropes
Your work will be even easier if you choose a ready-made perforated sole. Otherwise, you need to drill holes december an average of 1 cm apart. We start knitting with a velvet rope. We’re using the egg rope on the last part of the throat.
If desired, we can also apply our pattern on the knitted base. But we did the most practical storytelling. If there is a request in time, we can also work with different patterns with a knitted base.
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