The DH’s Office Reveal…do you like it?

The DH’s Office Reveal…do you like it?

The new ICU is open and Gerry’s office just about finished! Between running around in the ICU and High Care, I managed to finish bringing up all the furniture etc, and adding plants, pictures, a music centre and other nick nacks . All in all, I am quite pleased with the outcome, although it should be said that the staff were pretty frightened of the colour when it was first painted 🙂 I think it looks completely different when filled with furniture…

Although a smallish space, I managed to get all the necessary items in, including desk, cupboard, chairs and sleeping chair. I would have liked a nice big leather couch, but even if the office was big enough, it would never have gotten through the doorway and passage!

In planning the space, I really wanted to combine the old and the new. The strong orange and chocolate colours are ultramodern when combined with the stark white perspex and other accents, but I really wanted the feeling of some “history-filled” pieces to balance the modern feel. The battered, multicoloured cupboard comes from India, as does the bicycle wheel clock. Gerry’s chair (although a reproduction), adds an “old” element, and is really very comfortable to sit in.

Because the space is small, I needed a “light” feel table, and found the perfect combination of glass and stainless steel, in just the right size.

The white perspex chairs are Italian, and the carpet is a Nguni Cow hide.

My favourite piece in the room is the old mirror. It has a lovely worn look and feel, and with the inserts, becomes a design piece in itself, not just a light disperser…

The painting is an original by an artist friend, and reminded me of the lagoon at Cintsa, where we go on holidays…

I found a very nice music centre, which also has a docking station for Gerry’s phone and iPod (he listens to Critical Care Podcasts from iTunes on his iPod), so it’s a useful addition.

At the entrance to the office, I hung a wonderful antique white French inspired mirror. Again, it reflects the light beautifully into the room.

The red hexagon table/cabinet was a jewelry display case, but is now going to be used for coffee cups, tea, coffee, etc

Gerry loves it, and I think I have managed to change a few minds about the vibrant colours…everyone from the porters to the other doctors have come to take a look…what do you think?…do you like it? 🙂



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