Tea Light (Candle Holder) Made of Dried Leaves

Tea Light (Candle Holder) Made of Dried Leaves


Hi Dear Followers! Let’s do some small changes at our home decoration! Little changes never do harm people!

Today, I would like to mention about tea light made of dried leaves. It is very easy and practical option to do it yourself! All we need is below materials:


  • Dried leaves
  • Strong glue
  • A wine glass or another kind of glass
  • Candle

After completing all materials that we will need during your do it yourself project, we are ready to design our own tea light!

I am pasting some pictures on this article for you to inspire and learn how to stick and use your own designed tea light made of dried leaves.


As you know, everywhere it is simple to find dried leaves. Even you live in city center, it is easy to meet leaves from trees in autumn or spring and even it is winter time! When you collect the suitable leaves outside, you do not need to pay money for the leaves. And also, if you are a person who designs something and do it yourself projects, you should have other materials anyway.


In stores, I always check the prices of materials that we design on our own at home. Believe me, they are more expensive than their worth! Therefore, it is very sensible to design them all at home on our own! Thus, our money will be kept in our pockets and we will spend it for our other expenses!

Happy Weekends you all!



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