Suggestions for babies with sensitive skin

Suggestions for babies with sensitive skin

If your baby gets offen rashes,his/her skin is dry,your baby is likely to have sensitive skin. Your baby’s sensitive skin is easily irritated by lotions , soaps, temperature changes, detergents and frequent bathing. Here are the the most common problems of the babies with sensitive skin.

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Diaper rash is caused by wet diapers left on the baby for a long time,by tight diapers or by the quality of the brand. The solution to diaper rash is to clean the area with a wet cloth , dry the area by patting and apply diaper rash cream.


Eczema is red and itchy rashes on the baby’s face and skin caused mostly by environmental reasons. To avoid eczema bathe your baby daily,use soap and shampoo at the end of the bath. You can prefer gentle shampoos designed for eczema prone skin. Pat dry with a towel and apply moisturizer. Dress your baby with loose clothes.


Heat rash is pinkish red bumps especially visible at the sweating areas (like neck,armpits,diaper area) The best solution against heat rash is to cool your baby by removing the clothes of the baby,applying a wet cloth to these areas and air dry your baby.


There are some helpful solutions for the baby’s sensitive skin. these are washing your baby with suitable soaps and shampoos which are recommended by pediatricians and using special lotions for the baby with sensitive skin.

Avoid too much bathing will help too. To much bathing can cause skin irritaions. Wipe your baby’s hands,face and bum everyday.

Prefer odorless detergents designed for baby clothes.




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