How should a succesful working woman dress?

How should a succesful working woman dress?

Everyone wants to be succesful and live a succesful life. First you have to find out  about the subject  how to be a succesful women. Make a research about the woman on your career area. Take a look at the areas ,where less women are working. Make a plan about a balanced family and work life. Trust yourself. Fight against the unfair salaries. Try to overcome criticism.


The second step is how to be a successful working woman. The keypoint is to find your passion and follow it. If your profession is your passion,you can beat any problem coming your way.Be organized and control your time. Build your own net work. Make phone calls,write e-mails,use any communicaton method,organize meetings.


Be creative. Use your imagination,prepare more creative reports use funny tecniques. Have a good education.Be keen on learning and working. Know your strenghts and weaknesses. Have a mentor.Do not give up easily, be brave.


The way that a succesful working woman dresses is important.Women should be careful about femininity.Too much femininity will harm your image.There are no hard rules anymore like dressing suits before.Today’s dressing code is more smart casual. The way of dressing is your own image at work.


Make up,hair,accesories are very important. Have the right hair cut, brush your hair in an appopriate way or have your tied up if necessary. Avoid too much make up. Prefer pale make up colors. Wear always colorful shirts if you prefer dark skirts or pants.






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