Stand Made from Billet

Stand Made from Billet

Furniture should not be expensive. In particular, small parts such as a coffee table. Use the other parts of the recently branches in home decor with a trend across the world or tree has become quite popular. This is quite a good thing because you can give your home an air of the countryside as well as almost any price. This idea of ​​making coffee from the index most likely require several material in your hand, a few small wheel and have the time. If you want an inexpensive and rustic décor with air, this project is for you!

You can start to prepare undressed. If you think you may need to cut the desired size with a saw. If you wish, you can peel the outer shell part. You must select a file correctly. You can sand to capture the desired aesthetic appearance.

After the index into the desired shape , the varnished wood varnish to finish with the index. Let dry.

Do mount the wheels from rotating parts and screws you mark your completed project

Found a little corner and place a chair beside your table you see fit. Do not forget to decorate with a few accessories! apartments are really eye catching detail of a tree, perhaps you may want to leave this part apparently because these apartments are definitely the most interesting part of the project. This project can be quite heavy depending on the size of the index and density in mind that you have completed. So spinning wheels will provide you great convenience in handling when you want to reshape your home but of course, if you prefer you can use in place of wheels, small furniture legs.


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