Spring Crochet Poncho Pattern

Spring Crochet Poncho Pattern

Seasonal transitions are when our immunity is most vulnerable. Constantly changing temperatures, rain, wind or hot sunny weather… Our bodies have a hard time adapting. For this reason, most ailments, such as epidemics, increase during seasonal transitions.

Of course, we need to pay attention to our diet to protect ourselves from unstable weather conditions. But it is also important to dress warmly when going out. We need to choose clothes that will not make us sweat in hot weather and protect us in cases such as a possible temperature drop or wind.

As canimanne.com family, we are here with a poncho model that will protect your children while going out in spring seasons. We used two different colors of yarn while crocheting this poncho. You can increase or decrease the number of colors according to your preference.

While crocheting the crochet poncho, we used 100g cotton rope 200 meters long and crochet in the number suitable for our rope. In order to avoid a change in the size of the knitting while knitting, we need to use crochet suitable for the thickness of the rope we use and our hand setting.

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Spring Crochet Poncho Pattern Expression Video ;


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