Soup and more of the Undisturbed….

Soup and more of the Undisturbed….

Today the sea is grey and misty and there is a light rain falling. Although not cold, this is not a beach day, so I decided to make a vegetable soup and veg 🙂
I love a random vegetable soup, made of any mix of vegetables you may have on hand. I used red onions, beans, sweetcorn, baby marrows, potatoes, celery, mushrooms, carrots, soya mince, red and yellow quinoa and some vegetable stock…easy peasy and took only 30minutes to cook up. I like to add the non GM soya (which you can get at health stores) and the quinoa, because as a vegetarian, it’s an easy way to add some protein.

I made a huge pot and took some to Debbie, since we are sharing the same misty weather….hope you enjoy Debs 🙂

I did some laundry earlier today, and walked outside to hang up on the clothesline…(we have a sheltered area, so we can hang laundry even if it rains)…I narrowly avoided walking into a huge spider’s web…hanging onto it I found this critter, which although very alien looking, I have discovered may be an Spiny Orb Weaver spider…supposedly not dangerous for humans! Actually there are two of these undisturbed residents, and as much as I admire how strange and pretty they are, if they do not move of their own accord by tomorrow, I am conscripting the DH to relocate them to the bush…sorry but I only play nice with bipeds and quadrupeds :l (ok…also some hexapeds…)

I am going to have an afternoon nap now, in the perfect weather for it…warm and cozy in my duvet!

I have to say that I am so taken by this Sherman heel! I will definitely do a tutorial on it in the future

Happy Friday to all 🙂


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