Solving the Problem of Cough in Children

Solving the Problem of Cough in Children

Cough is one of the frequently encountered problems during the winter months, in fact, it is closely linked with cold and flu known as winter illnesses. We should of course consult a doctor when we caught these diseases. But at home we can also describe the various possible solutions.

In winter, the immune system of our body when it encounters cold air after a hot summer buying is difficult to get used to this situation and lose their resistance. From the outside it is difficult to cope with bacteria and viruses. We have easy patient due to this condition. Of course specialist should be consulted immediately to a physician especially when faced with diseases such as flu and colds in children.

Usually, flu and colds associated with the cause of the cough is due to this disease that causes inflammation of the respiratory virus that settled, is formed due to constant irritation of mucus from the region. Also cough; bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and even the reasons such as lung cancer. Therefore, a physician should always be consulted.

Cough is an irritating condition but it is not right to deal in order to put in place immediately. Because with a cough with phlegm thrown through the cleaning of the respiratory tract; dust, rid the body of chemicals and disturbing material is provided.

Honey, known as natural antibiotics. Lemon is one of the most important nutrients in terms of vitamin C content. When adding lemon juice and honey in abundance will prepare the daily mix 1 tablespoon consumed is known to be good for cough.


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