Socks Made From Old Sweaters

Socks Made From Old Sweaters

In all the house has not worn outfits with different causes. We can also chop to take but it is they stand in a corner. Come by including them in our recycling project, let’s make a different and convenient to use. The socks made from old sweaters are really nice and easy to share with you a project. You make the most of this particular product in different ways, to keep your feet warm in your home during the winter months and has a nice visual. If you have the required unworn long sleeved sweater, cardboard or paper patterns, scissors and other sewing materials needed.

We begin to explain to you the steps of the pictorial narratives. First, you will benefit from your sleeve sweater for this product.

Be careful preparation and a little wide and straight lines. In this way, the socks made from old sweaters sewing stage of the process can be difficult without you. We interrupt after drawing the pattern.

Then we get two base suitable for rubber mold, put on your sweater around his waist section.

Foot structure under sections carefully. In this way you approach the end of socks made from old sweaters stage. Now let’s make the pieces you cut properly merge.

First, add the parts for the convenience of a one with a pin. Then the other as shown below.

To ensure the integrity of the first transaction is still on top of the tire can repeat the process with the same rope. In this way, the product will be more elegant and has a really nice view. This alternative will share with you the wonderful models. This is why you stay on track with our site, you can have many more options in your old sweaters to make great products.


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