Slippers and Sandals Decoration Patterns

Slippers and Sandals Decoration Patterns

Slippers and sandals are important accessories easily used in summer. We spend quite a lot of money on these accessories for the summer months. But each year to keep pace with changing fashion so it may not be possible. Straight from a simple finger slipped easily be found almost everywhere.

We can do different models of these slippers sandals or slippers. Stone, taking multicolored beaded slippers expensive than even we can achieve cost effective low slippers to our own taste. Nobody can make a difference with the original patterns giving the simplest examples slippers will learn how to bring more different models.

Our materials we use flip flops, fabric, scissors. First, cut out the slippers would remove the bottom two sides and the middle strip. Fabric is approximately 10 cm in width and length can change stuck to your taste, we’ll use about 50 cm. We spend the fabric of the places we cut out doubling the fabric. You can connect various models in the ankles after spending the other two sides.

We will use as a material for another slippers ribbon decoration model. I dikel with a rope wrapped around the lower part of the color ribbon ties ribbon slippers. Ribbon wrapped triangular shape toward the top of the foot let. This shape also by strengthening the seam from the bottom, we can decorate with different materials such as stone beads.

Using wristbands we can use to decorate the slippers. For example, if we have woven colorful bracelets with macrame rope, and now you’re covering in vain if we do not use location, should seize. This wrists with any slippers silicone adhesive bonding can occur different patterns. We can weather the floor slippers with different shells.

Wrap planting different fabrics on a normal slippers you put a different style. The fabric on the small and big heart beads, square, triangle, you can disconnect the great models such as sewing circle shapes. You have to use the same old slippers. New and different changes, people always give positive energy. It gives a distinct pleasure to evaluate unused items.


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