Slimming with Onion Cure

Slimming with Onion Cure

We know that even though with onions how unpleasant odor, human health perspective, an important place. Sog sulfur, vitamin B and C, the significance for increasing the resistance of the human body is rich in fiber, acid stomach and fighting against intestinal infections, also it speeds up recovery time in case of illness.

Blood sugar levels, which makes it look healthy skin and hair, especially the old age helps to remove bone pain, protect the heart health by reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis problem.

Among the benefits it is known to reduce prostate inflammation onions. It also is effective against sinusitis, is an expectorant. The inflammation is known to reduce the rate of blood. Women most commonly requested and whether the direction is one to one treatment to lose weight. The fat in the body is known to decrease. It is also known to help to get pregnant. So how do we cure the onions?


1 seed onions (onions should be purple or white.)

Non-chlorinated water



First, thoroughly wash and peel onions without that we will use to soak in vinegar water. Boil two cups of non chlorinated water put into the pot. Once the water boils, add the onion into 4 to divide. Onions together and leave to chill away from the stove to boil for 5 minutes. Then, as the water after disinfecting put back into the onion juice and boil. After boiling for 5 minutes until your course is ready. You can consume a little warm after.


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