Sleep Mask Making

Sleep Mask Making

Hello everyone wants from you on DIY ideas and projects we announced that we get our expression list. This is how to do the work in our sleep mask in the narrative as we share this video with you. We tried to make a very nice and cheesy design. We have designed an elegant product or night and you can easily use in the daytime you sleep or rest for you. I hope that you enjoy the idea of Sleep Mask Making it yourself.

sleep-mask-making-2 sleep-mask-making-3

In many places we could not find the expression of such a study in a place I’ve never done the research, so that we think would be a good idea for friends who plan to sleep mask. Construction activity can improve your dexterity easy. You can also gift your mother a sleep mask with your own manual labor. When we think will like the design also added a nice way. Come easy to you all.


Our materials we use;

Shimmering in the desired color thin felt tiny stones, have given the cold thin ribbons of silicon


We dressed the way we want to cut eye decision, ribbons we felt we paste with cold silicon. You can design decorate your clothes in a nice way more to your liking.


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