Skin Cleaning Masks

Skin Cleaning Masks

Everyone clean, Aknes want to be able to achieve this through the skin and daily routine maintenance. To clean your skin with natural ingredients from the recipes you create in your kitchen and you can have the most appropriate mixture to moisten.


  1. Tomato / Tomato Puree allows acne to dry skin acidic content in tomatoes. Not only that, in addition to tomatoes, C, vitamin K and contains lycopene. These substances are also included in many acne fighting medication. To take advantage of these benefits put a tomato on top of your exact problem area and face. You can make a dense tomato puree or crushed in the grate and apply as a face mask. Regularly you will see results as you use this recipe.


2. Honey and Cinnamon Honey kills bacteria and is an antibacterial agent that reduces acne untreated. In cinnamon essential oil of cinnamon bark it is useful and shows anti-inflammatory properties for skin and congestion. to combine the two and helps improve your skin’s damage applying as a face mask.


3. Potatoes Potatoes contain plenty of vitamin C and B vitamins. Vitamin C in the body increases the production of collagen, sun, prevents damage and environmental stress-induced and healing. The B vitamins, healthy DNA production, and helps to renew skin cells of the epidermis and in-depth work by being over.


It also shows a resistance to excessive pigmentation of skin whitening niacin may cause acne and other skin problems in potatoes. Grated raw potato in the fight against acne, provides brightness to the skin and prevent wrinkles.


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