How to Skin Care in Winter?

How to Skin Care in Winter?

Especially in the winter, our skin changes and with difficult weather conditions also tired and worn out enough. First, the skin begins to lose moisture, the skin begins to lose if measures are not taken in the natural oil. This results in cracking, flaking, itching, redness, and sensitization occurs studies.

Therefore, winter skin care is made more important. Especially in winter care products used, and different values ​​of the type used are higher hydrating care products. Cracking, sagging, wrinkles, skin care for winter to avoid stains and other skin disorders should be more careful. Externally used creams, moisturizers and lotions on nutrition alongside the food must be consumed in support of donor skin.

You should also care about the absolute humidity lips with care and moisture to the skin. Surely crack preventive lip moisturizer to prevent dryness of the lips should be used.

Immune system booster vitamins and minerals should be taken, orchid, lime, plant easier to pass the winter with beverages like tea should be provided.

In winter, it falls out while necessary moisturizers, even a scarf, hat, gloves, should be supported by clothing such as wool socks.

Clothing style should be appropriate to the season, especially in the face, hands and feet must be kept warm with winter clothes protected.

And being able to adapt to the harsh weather conditions in the cold winter months, as well as the need skin protection is another important issue as the use of essential moisturizers and lotions for measures in healthy nutrition and also be considered to increase the food and drink the body strength.


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