Side Button Knitted Sweater Pattern

Side Button Knitted Sweater Pattern

Who can say no to a soft and warm knitted sweater. Whether it is a gift or a piece we knit for ourselves, our knitted clothes have a special place for us. Although knitted sweaters and cardigans have been on the rise lately, we all still love hand-knitted clothes.

The most suitable clothes for babies are knitted clothes. As a gift for a newborn baby, grandmothers and grandmothers, aunts, aunts usually prefer knitted clothes. Today we have a wonderful knitting model for you.

With Tek Patik Baby Knitting Youtube Channel, we present you a wonderful sweater model with side buttons. Thanks to the narration video, we think you will like this sweater model, which we think you can knit very easily.

We used Baby cotton yarn while knitting our knitted sweater. Our yarn has a length of 115 meters at 50 grams. You can find other information about the rope from the narration video.

We send our thanks to Tek Patik Baby Knitting Youtube Channel for this beautiful description and model. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel for the continuation of the narration and models like this. Good luck to everyone who will do it in advance.

Side Button Knitting Sweater Pattern Explanation Video ;


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