Share your Project

Share your Project

Hi everyone 🙂

I have decided to add something different for Fridays. Susan asked me this week what colours I have used for my African Flower Hexagon Blanket. And it made me think about how inspiration can be found by looking at each others ideas and projects…so! Ta Da! I have decided to make Fridays Project Share Day. You can upload your project / WIP photos to an image hosting site, and then copy the URL address of the photo and paste in the widget box below. Your project / WIP will then be visible for everyone to see… 🙂

I will add the first share to get the ball rolling …

This hexagon blanket has been a WIP for over a year now. I am making it for my younger daughter, and am using very bright pure cottons, because she is a super colourful personality. In the main I have used Rowan’s Handknit Cotton, which is a wonderful yarn to crochet with, albeit a bit on the costly side. I have also used some local cotton yarns, and have made all the bright pink centres from a superwash merino, hand-dyed for me by my friend Dana.

Please share your projects and WIP… remember to leave a description of what you are making when you are uploading your photo to the image hosting site…then we can all click on the link to see the details :))

Have a good evening,


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