Scarf styles

Scarf styles

A solution to matching the color of your dresses scarf styles
Dressing up is a very important problem for women because it is very difficult for women to decide what to wear.Especially matching colors is a huge problem for many women.But there are still some solutions which will be very helpful.You can use accesories to match with your clothes and your problem with your look is solved.One of the solutions is to use scarves with your clothes.Make sure you will be looking good with scarves.Choose the color of your scarf and match it with the color of your dress.You can be stylish,sportive,formal or smart casual with your scarf.

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There are many scarf styles. You can wear cotton,linen or polyester scarves on summer and wool scarves on winter.There are many ways to put on your scarf.You can wrap it round your neck,let tge two ends hang.You can tie your scarf round your neck. You can make a loop and take both ends out of the loop. You can make a bow with your scarf. You can hang it loose from your neck.
how to create scarves
You can design your scarf by dying it with fabric colors. Tie your scarf with knots.Put water,salt and the fabric color into your bucket. Put your scarf into the bucket wait over night take your scarf and rinse it. Do not forget to add vinegar to fix the color. You can also knit yourself a scarf.You can knit yourself scarf with mixed colors or decorate it with different shapes.

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