Santa Claus Made Amigurumi

Santa Claus Made Amigurumi

Amigurumi is a Japanese origin knitting techniques. Always filling the inside of the part you knit different objects such as toys or even objects, can produce even accessories.

Now let’s talk about the construction of the Amigurumi Santa Claus with you. You can gift your loved ones at Christmas, Santa Claus can decorate your home or your children, which has become a favorite toys Did you know you can do ourselves?

For Amigurumi Santa Claus made primarily what if you want to use colors that colors are knitting yarns and crochet fiber beads to fill the one in Santa Claus, we will need to seal and tiny buttons to decorate them. After preparing the materials needed for construction first Amigurumi Santa Claus in square or round shape of our body, then the head and arms, we fill the inside of the leg knitting. This is the easy part, of course!

We have prepared and then combine the pieces on the floor, sticking with the help of tiny buttons, the buttons of his eyes and coat and start adding to the tiniest detail with the help of seals beard. After completing the necessary missing father, we are completing our Christmas gift.

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